Frequently Asked Questions

Parking is very limited at most locations and not available at others. Please check with the Manager for availability.

Ground floor and walk-up first floor units are provided. There are no lifts available at any of the residences. If you have a preference for either ground- or first-floor accommodation please indicate this in your application.

Glenloch currently has seven housing locations in Prahran, Armadale and Malvern East, providing a total of 165 individual residential units.

Residents need to take along anything they need to live independently, for example, an iron and a small, fold-up ironing-board. There are communal washing machines and dryers available but all units have built-in wardrobes. Units are offered unfurnished.

Glenloch does not provide car parking spaces.

Pets are prohibited.

Glenloch encourages communal activities and meeting rooms with televisions as well as outdoor BBQ areas but on the whole social interaction is basically left to the discretion of our residents.

Most units do not have defined gardens but there are garden areas abutting ground floor units and there are other communal garden areas available for use.

Please note that all our sites (particularly the Prahran and Armadale sites) are close to public transport and shops.

Glenloch properties are generally suitable for singles but some couples may be accommodated. It is important to note that Glenloch provides accommodation in terms of comfortable, well-maintained living units and that no form of care or individual assistance is available.

The relationship with our residents is stipulated by The Residential Tenancies Act. It is essential that you nominate a relative or friend who is prepared to accept responsibility for you should you become incapacitated to the extent that you are no longer able to adequately care for yourself.

Applicants can nominate specific locations and can exclude upstairs units or request one-bedroom units but please be aware that any qualifications placed on the application will increase the waiting time.

Once eligibility is confirmed you will be placed on Glenloch's waiting list. Given the nature of Glenloch's rental housing, an indeterminate waiting period will most likely be involved prior to a vacancy arising. When an appropriate unit becomes available you will be contacted (in accordance with your application details) and arrangements made for an inspection of the unit. If the offer of accommodation is accepted, payment of the initial two-week rent will be required and occupancy arrangements will be made. A Tenancy Agreement will then be entered into between Glenloch and yourself.

Ongoing rental payments are payable fortnightly or calendar monthly in advance. Glenloch only accepts rent payment by direct-debit of the tenant's (or nominee's) bank account. A direct-debit request form will be required to be completed at the time of acceptance of the offer of accommodation. Rental reviews are conducted periodically by Glenloch in consideration of such elements as Pension movements and cost-of-living variations.

An application for tenancy on a permanent basis in one of Glenloch's housing units can be made by completing the "Application for Tenancy Form" and attending a brief interview with Glenloch Inc's manager. Upon completion of the above, you will be advised that either your application is satisfactory and that you have been placed on Glenloch's waiting list or, alternatively, you may be asked for further information to support your application.

Glenloch accommodation is available to both men and women who are in receipt of the full Australian Aged Pension and who are able to live independently in the broader community.